Sunday, September 3, 2017

Drawing Prompts-Mountain of cupcakes

I am moving  some of the handy  art  tools out of the closet and on to the coffeetable. I  found this Doodle While You Work by Staffan Gnosspelius

book….got  it  at  the  dollar  store about 6years ago.  I  drew in it  while the gentleman I sat with snoozed .  

     And  I have  another  really  nice one of  these  drawing prompt books  I  got  from my son for Christmas a few  years back.   I  am  always intimidated by drawing from memory but as I  don’t  try  to  stress and  just mess  around  with  what  I  think it  would  look  like I have  fun  and discover that imprecise drawings  can be very expressive and interesting ;  And  of  course empowering to go on and  continiuing drawing and learning  how  to  see  things…..

   So  here first  is  the  page  I  did  today….

   the  prompt  was “complete the cupcake mountain devoured by you and your  colleagues each week…and  yes,  I did  not  completely  conform to  the request  because  as  I  began  to  draw  this scene  came into my brain  and  I  let it out……

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  1. Very interesting and a clever sketch. One of the artists I used to follow would do a sketch every day from his memory of yesterday. Always fun.