Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

junk journal review

today some of my art friends in the scavenger hunt thread on wet canvas asked about what  paper my sketch  was  and  I  was set to bore them with me love of the junk journal.  So  I  thought I would enlarge upon that point of pleasure  here.

    this is my first junk journal and I  am  really adore it because it doesn't make me feel committed in any manner.....just doodle,  , paint, drool or mess.......

Can you find the just-a-cut -and- paste- kinda -day.....

there  are some really cool graphics and writtings  on the old 1950's hard bound city directories and old school dictionaries. Makes going to the thrift store a brand new adventure.

There  are oddles of bookbinding tutorials on the internt too.

 You may see  I got crazy with the  bounding threads on the binding edge.  And  orange duct tape with old calandar photos really  are  another fun addition.

   Then,  I  came  home  from shopping one day  and just couldn't put that nice brown paper bag I started making pockets in all my art journals......but  I'll  save  those  for another blog page......heheheh

Here is a poem- I AM-  that really brings out a view point we don't consider......I hope  you  enjoy it.  It did inspire me with a look into the soul of community.