Friday, May 6, 2016

Possum infestation photos

We began smelling dead meat and thought it was in the coolie (small stream gully) ....but after a week we looked under the trailer and found one nest.  But the odor did not abate.  Upon further investigation discovered another nest.  We removed 5 possums in all:two adults and 3 babys.

    Then I was served a small claims court summons.  My neighbor claims my cats have damaged his trailer's underlining.

   We then went to dig up and photograph the adult possums. We found that animals had unearthed and consumed the flesh.  These photos are of the remains.  Notice the full, meat- still- in-

tact tail.

Photo descriptions (dates on photos)

backbone (1810)
ribs,  adult skull and various bones and fur (1806)
fur (1805)
another adult skull (1812)
fur and bone (1814)
adult jaw (1807)
fur (1809)
possum tail (1811)
baby possum (1782)
bags of insulation removed (1784)

bag with baby possum (1783)


  1. Yucky! Looks like the possums damaged your neighbors stuff, too. Gross….