Monday, September 14, 2015

GRAND Grandmother

   I was resting in the New Jersey park near my hotel when this grandmother strolls out with her two grandchildren.   They were foreign for sure.   She sees me sketching and sit the children down on the grass and strikes pose after pose.   At one point the little boy (with hat and bushy hair)  has to pee,  so she helps him right there!    She was dressed in this beautiful sundress with grand bodyposture.   She was sooooo amazing.   The little girl, who's hair was cut short and combed after a boyish fashion was tired and started sobbing a tiny bit and she gathered them together and her presensce comforted all of us!!!...  Then they strolled about  a bit and left.   It was amazing.   I never got to speak to her.....actually, I did not want to break the spell.      I did see her later in the lobby with her husband and the mother of the children.......and she was still magestic.


  1. the things you notice when you're taking time to observe and observe life around you.... i love it