Monday, February 4, 2013

Nate's Dream

My dream was very short and happened right before I woke up and what I saw was a world made of complete darkness... a shadow world I guess and at first I saw nothing, just darkness. But I knew what I was looking at in the dream. Then I felt pulled in closer to a specific spot in the darkness and it suddenly illuminated. What I saw was a shadow man standing upright and HIS shadow was made of light. This 'light shadow' cast a circle of light all around him. Beyond this circle was still darkness, in all directions and dimensions. But I saw this figure, not even really a man, walking along - with only this light to show him where to go in the darkness. It was almost helping him to get out. Inside the circle all was visible in this mysterious outside world, like stairs and walls and corners that they passed. The light reflected off of all of this, but then disappeared again into darkness behind them. It was a very interesting dream. Then off ahead, at the end of the dream I saw more lights, up above... almost like he was climbing stairs or winding his way through something to get to those others with their lights turned on... 

Here are some studies .   I learned a lot here and am taking a "rest" on the idea but will return to this........  I like the way it makes me feel.     Anyone out there want to take a turn at illustrating Nate's dream?   I'm sure Nate would be delighted.  

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  1. wow, that's an interesting idea! I see a lot of mystery in these images that relates to the dream well.