Thursday, October 6, 2011

thanks Danny

been in touch with Danny Gregory via u tube and book - a artist who knows to bring it down to the day to day, relavent feet on the ground place.

So I'm really trying to do a 10 minute sketch in a journal everyday.

Finding small moments is kinda fun.

Here is a sketch I did of Knobbie, who would not roll over for a biscuit for the last 2 days.....she also has a bad skin allergy so she is scratching all the time.

I did this while the sesamee seeds were toasting in the over!


  1. oh, good luck. i have that as a goal on my lift list, it's been hard for me to make happen for some reason. you are very good at staying motivated and focused with your sketching.

  2. This is so cute. Pls. don't stop daily sketching. I find it very hard, esp. when I have to work and juggle an 18 month old baby at the same time. I do try hard to do that as Dan inspires though.